Sealion trading co. primary objective is to maintain the highest standards of quality and service in aqaba jordan, and consequently uphold its reputation as the country’s time-honoured ship supplier of choice. In accordance with the rules of ISO9001 (2015), National Ship Chandlers’ Management and staff, facilitated by our Quality Planning and Operations Division, are committed to customer satisfaction and exceeding customer needs and expectations worldwide


Our primary goal is to first provide our clients with the highest standards in quality and service, and then maintain these standards throughout the relationship in order to provide them the consistency they require, and deserve.”


we want to have this opportunity to offer our best services to your ship upon arrival. We have a great history in supplying ships in the red sea, Mediterranean sea and black sea, our services include high quality products, competitive prices and the instant services, our company consists of a selected team working 24 hour a day just to serve ships calling aqaba port iraq port and other ports all around the world.

Our payment terms are flexible and customized depending on the needs of our customers and with a long terms payment, our first priority is the satisfaction of our clients as we always look for establishing

A good relationship with new good companies as yours.


A) General Ship Suppliers:

Fresh and frozen provisions, dry stores, bonded stores (spirits, cigarettes......etc), deck, engine, B.A. charts & navigation book, Measuring, hand tools, electrical, all types of mooring ropes, sling wires, Safety equipments and all kind of oils.

All of our stores are categorized in accordance to ISSA (international ship suppliers association) and IMPA (international maritime purchasing association) standards.


B) Marine services:

1-Under water hull inspections & cleaning  class approved( NK & TUV)

Commercial diving services ( under water welding, cleaning and scaling)

2- Out fittings inspections, maintenance and repair

Life saving appliances

Anchoring and mooring systems

Hold cleaning and rusting

3- Prime mover diesel engines and generators services

Installation and reconstructions

Maintenance and repairing services

Electrical and electronic technicians of useful new spare parts and second hand spare parts depends on the case and principle requirements

4- Sledges and garbage's disposal in accordance with local regulations

5- Laundry and ironing services.

6- Hold cleaning rusting

7- supplying of fresh water, oil and diesel fuel

8- Lash cutting and lash operation

9- Clearance and shipping of spare part all over the world

Should you have any other enquiries, please feel free to contact us and we will be pleased to meet your requirements accordingly.